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What's Virtual Race ?

VRace is the solution to allow race organizers, associations and companies to easily and quickly organize their own virtual race.


Step 1 : Contact us

We start with a call to understand your issues, your needs and how we will work together on your Virtual Race.

To get started, simply fill out this form

To get started, simply fill out the form.

Step 2 : Give us your key elements

Give us your visuals and we will take care of everything!

From integration of your page to the communication of your event.

Final step : your page is live

Once we have agreed all the details together, your event page will be completed and hosted on our platform.

Your participants just have to create an account, subscribe to your race, and connect their tracking app.

They organized a Virtual Race

The 42nd edition of the Zurich Barcelona Marathon was launched on Virtual Race by Sport Heroes . This experience was free, and each  participants could also receive their solidarity medal for 5€: 1€ was donated to the scientific research on COVID-19.

Coway Run "changes the game": while all sporting events were either postponed or cancelled in Malaysia, Coway Run 2020 innovated by offering an original and interactive challenge. An animated and stimulating virtual race to boost runners' morale during this difficult period.

The Maybank Marathon Anywhere is born on Virtual Race thanks to Sport Heroes' technology. Participants had the opportunity to connect their sports trackers, record their performances and access the race ranking live.

Organize your Virtual Race

Tell us briefly what you want and the team will contact you